Piercing Consent Form

I (details provided at the bottom of this page) bearing ID (showing to artist) 18 years or older  (Guardian name  to be provided in case of minor)  giving consent to artist (on duty with 7Jewelry) to do my ear piercing and I understand the following terms:

  • I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and I am voluntarily submitting myself to get a piercing without duress or coercion.
  • I understand that getting a piercing is a change to my body that may leave a permanent hole or scar.
  • I have informed the artist of my allergies or skin sensitivities that I may have, any medications if I am taking, and any medical treatments I am currently receiving.
  • I grant the artist permission to pierce me and I do not hold them responsible for any adverse health reactions or undesired results.
  •  I understand that the artist will do their best to achieve my desired results, however, my piercing may not look exactly like the picture shown or outcome described.
  • I agree to follow the post care instructions but I recognise that getting an infection is still possible even I follow the instructions.
  • I acknowledge that this consent will cover the entire service as well as any subsequent services I may have.

Understanding the above terms hereby , I provide my details below  and by clicking on the "Send" button, I electronically submit my consent form signed as my full name/or guardian name in case of minor, as appears on my ID today (time and date submitted) for record and future consideration.

P.S: link to be written in comment box (Refer to my "Piercing Consent Form" on 7jewelry.ca ( https://7jewelry.ca/pages/piercing-consent-form)